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There are many paths to good-paying careers that offer stability, opportunities for growth, and a great quality of life—careers with prominent Coastal Bend companies. 

Through UpSkill Coastal Bend, you can learn more about these careers, their average annual earnings, and their educational or training requirements. Plus, you can trace the pathways to these opportunities from high school, community college, or an existing job.

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Throughout the Coastal Bend, thousands of openings exist in several industry sectors. Our area has seen steady expansion, further driving the regional economy. Many of these employers offer work-based learning through apprenticeship programs. Others are looking for candidates with two-year technical degrees and often will pay for required courses. These careers are lucrative, in-demand, and provide a great quality of life, after only two years or less of education or training.


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Maritime Helper

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Job Number: 15615589
Shift: Full-Time, Rotating

$15.00 Hour

High school diploma or equivalent required. One (1) – two (2) years minimum experience in a related field. The Marine Technician Helper will be responsible for assisting Technicians with inspections, service, repairs, and installations of safety systems and equipment related to the maritime industry. Assists with general inspection of equipment notifying Technicians of any issues.

English Only: Yes

Highway Crew Foreman

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Job Number: 14746393
Shift: Full-Time, Rotating

$18.00 Hour - $22.00 Hour

At least three years of industry experience with at least one year of recent experience erecting highway signage / lighting and traffic signals. The Highway Lighting & Traffic Signal Construction FOREMAN will guide a crew on various projects building traffic signals, highway and street lighting, infrastructure and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) within Texas.

English Only: Yes

Backhoe Operator

Location: Corpus Christi,
Job Number: 15574108
Shift: Full-Time, Days

$17.00 Hour

At least one year of backhoe operation experience with additional experience operating other types of heavy equipment. Valid Texas driver license. Operate a backhoe and other mobile equipment to dig, move materials, lift large and heavy materials, and compact / level earth to grade specifications. Operate large and small motor vehicles to transport material, equipment, and supplies.

English Only: Yes


Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Job Number: 15675076
Shift: Full-Time, Days

$16.68 Hour - $20.34 Hour

Mow and detail all district grounds, including athletic fields. Care for trees and shrubs, both by watering, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, and controlling weeds. Plant shrubs and vegetation. Assist with the preparation of athletic fields for games, including chalking fields. Water grounds and apply fertilizer. Collect and dispose of leaves, dirt, rubbish, and refuse from district facilities. Assist with the inspection, repair, and installation of sprinkler systems.

English Only: Yes

Electronics Repair Technician

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Job Number: 15613919
Shift: Full-Time, Days

$14.00 Hour - $18.00 Hour

High school diploma or equivalent required This individual is an ambassador for the business and as such, they are responsible for creating an excellent first impression by ensuring the lobby is presentable and putting the customer at ease about their repair. The Retail Associate, Electronics Repair Tech is also responsible for selling Asurion Home+.

English Only: Yes

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